Perłowa Tenement House

Perłowa Tenement House

The Perłowa Tenement House is a unique and elegant building that harmoniously fits into the interwar tenement houses in its neighbourhood. It is distinguished by materials of the highest quality and the fine-tuning of every detail.

Its prestigious and convenient location in the Old Town – on ul. Feldman 6, near ul. Karmelicka – is one of the greatest assets for this investment. Residents have at their fingertips the most beautiful sites in Kraków, the most popular sites for entertainment and leisure, as well as some of Kraków’s most prestigious schools and universities.

The modern, original and at the same time elegant façade was made by the studio of the Kraków sculptor Jan Siuta of natural stone: grey slate, granite and black marble. Additionally, the public spaces inside are at a very high standard: the floors and stairs are finished with cream marble cladding and the staircase is decorated with a dynamic composition of stone and copper made by Jan Siuta. The space is illuminated with natural light coming through a large skylight. The glassed-in, modern lift allows for access to each floor from the garage. This five-storey building is designed to have just 14 apartments varying in size from 33 m2 to 140 m2. The underground garage with 13 parking places provides residents with a safe place to park their cars, which is particularly important in this part of the city. There is also a special room for bicycles. The building and the garage are both monitored. The building is accessible for people with disabilities. The project has been completed and possesses the decision allowing for use.


Furnished apartment No. 5

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